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The Hall of Malicious Intent Characters

Here you will find all my MUGEN creations, listed by order of creation, as well as download links to their (hopefully) most up to date versions. Most of them are made for MUGEN 1.1, but they all should work just fine in MUGEN 1.0 as well, unless otherwise stated. They were also designed to be played at around 5-7 Fast Speed, but whatever game speed you prefer is still fine.

If you want to see them in action, you can find them at  (You can even request to see them via Exhibitions) and maybe one day at SaltyBet (When I first started making characters, it was my dream to see my work appear on SaltyBet, but things happened, and now I'm here quoting Onslaught. You know the one). "The dream is dead." -Onslaught, 1998

All new characters will be debuted at SpriteClub for a while before being uploaded for the public here. (Reason being that I tend to update my characters right after finishing them because of a few things I overlook.)

If you don't see any of my characters on a MUGEN download site within a week of their release, feel free to re-upload my work there. Otherwise, please let me be the one to re-distribute my work. Thank you for your support and I greatly appreciate seeing my work be noticed. It means a lot to me to see people enjoying what I do. Seriously.

Kazuma Kiryu

Revive the Dragon of Dojima! Based primarily on the fighting system in Yakuza Kiwami, I tried to bring it to MUGEN with an attempt at a fairly source accurate control scheme and moveset. Kiwami was the only game in the Yakuza series I've played so far, so try not to judge me too harshly, but I also tried to fit in references to other Yakuza games I think were noteworthy. 

The Movelist can be found here.

Originally one of the many characters I've made specifically to be in the roster of Vargverse, Kazuma Kiryu ended up taking a lot more work because as I played through Yakuza Kiwami for research, I found more and more things about his fighting style I saw and thought "I should include that in the character." Eventually I decided to keep working on him as if he were just a standalone character and release him as-is upon completion.

Download: For MUGEN 1.0 / For MUGEN 1.1

Date Completed / Released: September 22nd, 2020 / October 4th, 2020

Last Updated: October 4th, 2020 (1.0) / January 28th, 2021 (1.1)

Other Notes: The Majima Everywhere system in this character is a tad different than in Kiwami. Instead of fighting Majima, you gain experience by fighting alongside him. Once full, the Dragon of Dojima returns! 

At the beginning of each round, you can hold start and a direction corresponding to the Style Wheel to determine the style you start the round in.

Me and the Boys

I was given this character suggestion a little bit after the meme stopped being relevant and then reality hit me hard, bro (There's another meme that's been dead for ages for ya). After a hiatus from working on MUGEN, I finally found the time to work on this character again. Sure, I completed it 5 months after the meme stopped being popular, but I'd rather take the time and make sure this character is of decent quality than to hit any deadlines.

This is a 4-button character, Rhino being the frontman because he was the one photoshopped in, with each "Boy" assigned to the button. There is a cooldown system, similar to one you may find in a MOBA, so that you can't cover the screen with assists all the time... Oh, who am I kidding, if you're good at not just spamming special moves, you can pressure your opponent with a horde of villains and pull off some nasty combos!

It should also be noted that along with the normal meter requirement, supers also require that your assist friend be off cooldown. His Level 3 Super requires all three of them off cooldown.

Download: Here

Date Completed / Released: October 31st, 2019 / December 4th, 2019 (Oops)

Last Updated: December 5th, 2019

Other Notes: Button configuration is as follows, because I forgot to make a movelist again: 

X: Green Goblin         Y: Vulture

A: Rhino                     B: Electro

Note that supers involving Rhino alone, his basic throw, or the Level 3 super, require you use the Start button.

The Shockmaster

"I told ya... Oh God..."

Imagine, if you will, a world where The Shockmaster somehow became the most over wrestler sports entertainer that's ever stepped into the squared circle.

The Shockmaster is a lumbering giant with plenty of powerful moves to spare, based on the moves that the real Shockmaster, Fred Ottman, has used in the past. Of course, I still took a few creative liberties and gave him a few "Shockmaster-eqsue" moves, but the general theme is a semi-faithful version of The Shockmaster in MUGEN. Just be careful not to trip!

Download: Here

Date Completed / Released: May 2nd, 2019 / July 24th, 2019

Last Updated: July 14th, 2019

Other Notes: The matchup between the Shockmaster and Dragon Claw is quite super, if you know what I mean.

Sauceboss Vinny

The Sauceboss is finally here! For months and months and months you've asked for this and now you've got it!

After the conclusion of the VHFSMACVUSMRRM stream, many people have requested that I make a sequel to it, and to create a character for Vinny. I figured: "Why not just do both at once?" Vinny is here to serve as a special guest fighter for the sequel I am currently developing called Vargverse! 

Complete with V-Dub's Sunglasses and a small army of friends from his streams, Vinny is here to show that he is still the true Sauceboss and is capable of throwing down with the MUGEN world! With him comes the Vinetrigger mechanic, that lets a player turn the tide of battle, or press their advantage further! 

Vinny's Vinetrigger is Pepperoni Secret. Crack the code to unleash... Well, I'll just let you find out for yourself, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. 

A movelist can be found here.

Download: Here

Date Completed / Released: February 6th, 2019 / July 24th, 2019

Last Updated: August 10th, 2019

Other Notes: Vinny was designed to be fairly overpowered (in regular fighting game standards, anyway. He's no Rare Akuma, obviously) so that a player with 0 experience with the character (ie a streamer playing the game for the first time) can complete an arcade playthrough fairly easily. That said, Vinny has a feature that scales down his AI difficulty so that he is human beatable. The same actually applies to Uncle Joel but I neglected to make that clear. If you want to see him fight to the best of his abilities, please turn the difficulty to the maximum. 

Also, I'm going to be real, the reason it took me so long to finally release him despite completing him early this year, I've been really anxious about getting him to be the best character he can be and to fit in as much content as I can (but do understand if your favorite stream or moment isn't represented here). I actually wanted to release Sauceboss Vinny along with the completed Vargverse, but I decided to release him now, in case anything happens that would prevent me from releasing Vargverse. Because of how much effort, time, and worry I put into this character, I would kindly like to ask that you refrain from releasing edits based on this character.

Real Police Dude 

To celebrate the recent release of Resident Evil 2's Remake, here comes the Real Police Dude!

This character's idea was conceived when Speedrunner JTB ran Resident Evil 4 at Summer Games Done Quick 2018, and I decided to make my own version of Leon Kennedy, with references to things I found funny in Resident Evil 4, Police stereotypes you see in films, and some of the quirky qualities of Speedrunning. I also went out of my way to cram in as many references to my favorite YouTube Poop of all time as I could. Try and see how many of them there are!
(The Answer is 12.)
The movelist can be found here.

Download: MUGEN 1.0 / MUGEN 1.1
Date Completed / Released: November 11th, 2018 / February 2nd, 2019
Last Updated: November 14th, 2018
Other Notes: For this character, I used the sprites from armin_iuf's Leon Kennedy. A week prior to Real Police Dude's completion, armin_iuf went and gave a complete over haul to Leon, including his sprites. At least now you can tell the difference between the two, if you couldn't already from the obvious difference in movesets.
Mugen Free For All Character of the Month February 2019

For Glory Little Mac

Now that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out, let's take a look back at the times when people thought Little Mac was the best character in the game in Super Smash Bros. 4. Seems kind of funny now in hindsight, isn't it? 

Here's a character I made in an hour back in November, but decided to hold the release until the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I'm gonna miss seeing Little Mac do this, now that he can recover out of his Jolt Haymaker (No, really, he can. It's nothing to write home about, sure, but its cool!), so this character is to help us forever remember the days when he would hopelessly fall to his death if he missed his Jolt Haymaker off stage.

Download Link: Here

Date Completed / Date Released: November 3rd, 2018 / December 7th, 2018

Last Updated: November 3rd, 2018

Other Notes: I streamlined his moveset so that he only has the moves he needs to win. Trust me on this one.

Extreme Pepsi Hong Meiling

There's a feature on a certain MUGEN betting site that randomly generates a character name by pulling from the names of almost everyone currently in the roster when you type in a command in the chat. One day, local MUGEN author jor8a typed in that very command and the name EXTREME PEPSI HONG MEILING was spit out. He approached me to create this character with him and behold, with our efforts combined Extreme Pepsi Hong Meiling was brought to life. While I did the moveset concept and coding, jor8a created the sprites and a few of the animations.

Extreme Pepsi Hong Meiling is a character with a strong melee game, with a wide array of projectile attacks to help her open up the enemy during neutral. If she manages to get to you, brace yourself for a ton of damage! She uses a similar projectile system to the Touhou fighting games, but instead of not being able to use projectiles after running out of energy, she still attempts the move, but horribly botches it, resulting in some self-harm.

Her move list as well as notes on her general mechanics can be found here.

Download Link: MUGEN 1.1 / MUGEN 1.0

Date Completed / Date Released: September 5th, 2018 / October 4th, 2018

Last Updated: September 8th, 2018

Other Notes: The sound she makes when she gets KO'd is actually me crushing a can of Coca-Cola. Is that treachery? I'll leave that up to interpretation. 

Dodge Viper

When I was driving home from work one day, I was thinking of ""assists"" to help Carlos, My Main Man, and among them was Viper, the "ninja" who did nothing but scream for his dialogue. I thought his scream sounded like a car engine, and I decided that this character needed to be made. 

The controls for this character couldn't be any simpler - Press Up during the driving segment (the character accelerates automatically) to shift gears, and the better you time your shifts, the more speed you can pick up. After a set amount of time, Jesus takes the wheel and you crash n' bash until one of you is dead. Viper automatically turns his car around but explodes after making too many passes. Dodge Viper's Viper to secure victory!

So what did I do to the buttons? When I was designing this character, I was reminded of the racing games I used to play at my local arcades, such as Daytona USA, Outrun, Inital D, Fast and Furious, etc. I remember they had dedicated "jukebox" buttons that played a different song based on the button you pressed, so I decided to assign a song to each one of the seven buttons. Pick a favorite and jam out, or even modify the .snd and add in your favorite racing tune!

Download Link: Here / Hey who stole the radio now the music's gone (For smaller file size)

Date Completed / Date Released: August 22nd, 2018 / September 21st, 2018

Last Updated: September 21st, 2018

Other Notes: Why do all my Shadow: War of Succession characters always end up being so silly?

Choice Banned Gyarados

This character started off as "Haha wouldn't it be funny if all this character can do is flail around?" But I decided to add the Moxie ability to it, like the Pokémon games. Then I decided to add on the actual stats of the Pokémon as best I could, and then I decided to add in a critical hit chance and even a PP system, replacing Flail with Struggle if you run out of PP. 

Eventually, I ended up with a character with plenty of source accurate mechanics, down to the mathematics that calculate how much base damage Flail does. I even decided to have chip damage occur based on the same percentage chance that calculates if Protect can be used multiple times in a row. And don't even think about using Gyarados against a character that uses attacks that trigger the standard "electrocuted" gethit animation. But it still effectively only has one move.

I also included a Wonder Launcher mechanic, which can be used by holding start and pressing the attack button corresponding to the item you want to use.

Download Link: Here

Date Completed / Date Released: July 4th, 2018 / July 20th, 2018

Last Updated: July 4th, 2018

Other Notes: The name "Choice Banned" come from the fact that you don't even get to choose the move you're choice locked into. Flailing is your life now. The 7th to 12th palette gives Gyarados it's shiny colors.

Carlos, My Main Man

This character is a bit of a side project of mine based on one of my favorite moments in Joel from Vinesauce's streams. When Deathlazer released his Carlos from Shadow: War of Succession, I knew what I had to do. This character was sped up to match the pace the game ran at during the above stream. Maybe it's source accurate, or maybe it's just emulation errors. I also included some moral support for Carlos. You'll know what I mean if you try him out.

I would include a movelist, but honestly, you could just mash buttons and you'll be fine. Probably.

Download Link: Here

Date Completed / Date Released: May 27th, 2018 / July 20th, 2018

Last Updated: May 29th, 2018

Other Notes: Try having him fight Uncle Joel to recreate the magic.

Chang Attack Force

I woke up one day and told my self to make a character as quickly as possible, so I made this character in like, an hour and a half. You could call this my "Speed-run" character. As to why this is based on a Yu-Gi-Oh monster, I dunno.

I tried to make this character a glass cannon, and have an effect similar to Goblin Attack Force. An important thing to note about this character gameplay-wise is that there is absolutely no chip damage, so to defeat him, just block and keep your distance and beat him up once he goes into "Defense Position."

Download Link: Here

Date Released: April 20th 2018

Last Updated: April 15th 2018

Other Notes: This really could have been my April Fool's joke if I thought of this earlier.

Passive-Aggressive Chun-Li

I actually had this character's core concept planned out roughly a year ago, but it took me until now to get to it.The idea revolves around two stances, a Passive stance and an Aggressive stance, and when she drops below half health, she changes stances. 

This version of Chun-Li functionally has two movesets, the Passive stance having more defensive moves like parries and counters, while the Aggressive Stance has more rush-down and combo heavy moves. What does this all have to do with being Passive-Aggressive? Don't ask me.

This character was made in collaboration with mulambo - While the character was still made entirely by me, he provided me with ideas for some of her moves and she would not have turned out the way she did (or exist, really) without him - Thank you a ton, mulambo!

Her move list and notes about her mechanics can be found here.

Download Link: Here

Date Released: April 12th 2018

Last Updated: February 19th 2019

Other Notes: Hold start while selecting her to start in Aggressive Stance.

Stretchy Limbs Mk. CDXX - Ultimate Pound

The ultimate Yoga-based warrior is here! My April Fool's joke for 2018. As you can see, I actually made this a while back, but I decided to release it publicly after a couple of tweaks. This is what happens if Stretchy Limbs took Sad Claps and ate his soul. The guts of this character are nearly identical to Stretchy Limbs, but also includes a bunch of code from YOUR SOUL IS MAYAN. I don't exactly know why I added the Ultimate Pound part to the end of this character's name, but when I saw that part on Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound, I couldn't help but giggle, so maybe I made someone giggle with this name. Hopefully you enjoyed my April Fool's joke.

Download Link: Here

Date Created/Date Released: May 13th 2017 / April 1st 2018

Last Updated: April 1st 2018

Other Notes: If he doesn't defeat the other character, he sure as hell will defeat your eyes and ears.

Dance Master Duane

One of the two hidden final bosses in Vargskelethor's Hardcore Friday Super Metal Almost Criminally Violent Ultra Swedish Meatball Royal Rumble MASSACRE!. I've kept him a secret until now to maintain the m y s t e r y. I planned to release him on the day Joel streams the game, so lo and behold here he is.

My goal was to create a version of Duane that was actually beatable. That said, I wanted him to maintain his status as a Boss Character, so I made him a gimmicky character with powerful moves that all require 3 meter. Basically, he's a much more fair version of the Duane you've all come to know and love, and hopefully a decent boss fight for you human players out there. He has a simple control scheme - 6 attacks in total, all assigned to a button. Mash buttons or hold start to charge up meter faster... Become the Dance Master!

Download Link: Here

Date Created / Released: September 28th, 2017 / February 19th, 2018

Last Updated: September 28th, 2017

Other Notes: DUANE!

The Violentest Ken in the World

I saw a little comment chain on a video on YouTube about The Bestest Ken in the World that wanted an evil/violent version of him, so here I am with the delivery. Normally I'd debut this on SpriteClub first before making it a public release, but I figured because the people in YouTube gave me this suggestion, I might as well release this for them sooner. 

Violentest Ken is an edit of the Bestest Ken in the World (So an edit of an edit...?). While he has the same move set and playstyle as Bestest Ken (He can still only do normals and Shoryukens), I've modified the properties of his moves. His normals now deal 1 damage, and his Shoryukens are invincible on the way up and can cancel into each other. Sounds OP? That's because it is. Is this how SNK designs their boss characters? Can I get a job there now?

Download Link: Here

Date Created / Released: January 30th, 2018 / February 9th, 2018

Last Updated: February 16th, 2018

Other Notes: This one's for you, Shaheim Deers and Captain Joey!


That's right. His name is just Neku. Not this "Ridiculous Dank" shit. Just plain-ass normal every day, no question about it, no "Flock of," no "clown," not named after a trading card, not named after a meme, not named after the character's defining gimmick. No long names, seemingly unrelated names, punctuation. Simple, ordinary, unembellished, unmistakable, crystal clear, as frank as Frank West, as blunt as a Snowwolf OHKO. One word, it's mother fucking, God damn, sons of bitchin' fuck, fuck, fuckin', Neku.

...aaaand it's one of the first characters I ever started in my MUGEN career. After I created Spin To, I wanted to create a character I wanted to see in MUGEN since I first touched MUGEN (which was many years ago, before I even made Santos). In other words this is one of my earlier works, so you won't see much memery here. I wanted to make him source accurate to The World Ends With You, but also wanted him to have a control scheme that still resembled a traditional fighting game (Sort of like if Neku somehow was put into a Vs Capcom game). I started this project on September 12th, 2015, and through several periods of on and off development, I had to stop due to lack of sprites until a few weeks ago, where I found the rest of the sprites I needed to realize this "dream" of mine. His attacks are all various pins he uses in the game, and he has an assist system that calls on one of his three partners. He only has one super, his "Fusion" attack, but based on the button input and the amount of meter you have, it can become one of ten attacks. I bundled all the supers into one command to have it resemble the Fusion system from the actual game, because all the fusions are activated from the one pin. S o u r c e  a c c u r a c y. The move list is here.

(Try using Joshua's Lvl 3 Fusion on a Final Fantasy VII Character like Cloud because I couldn't resist putting at least one joke in this character)

Download Link: Here

Date Created / Date Released: January 13th 2018 / January 23rd 2018

Last Updated: January 13th 2018

Other Notes: I completed him right when the new port was announced. Coincidence? Probably. 

Dank Lord Ganondorf

This version of Ganondorf was a request made by a friend of mine a very long time ago. I only got to him recently because I finally found a set of Ganondorf sprites I could use for it.

This Ganondorf is a hybrid mix of his old Smash Bros. moveset, a traditional 2D Fighting Game control scheme, and m e m e s (I hope that's what you're here for). I tried my best to incorporate my usual style of characters into the slow-but-powerful playstyle of Ganondorf and tried to put the feeling of raw power into landing his moves. There is also an assist trophy mechanic that allows you to summon an assist at random, which ranges from kind of useful to "Oh lord this was a stupid idea why did I code this it's beautiful."

Not much else to say about Dank Lord Ganondorf but "download him and see for yourself." Move list is here.

Download Link: Here

Date Created / Date Released: December 21st 2017 / January 23rd 2018

Last Updated: April 29th 2018

Other Notes: I coded one of his moves on my (and funnily enough, the requester's) Birthday. I also had a really cool trap remix of that Thug Life song custom made by my good friend Loser Snacks.


I made Ingrid after seeing a character on SpriteClub with a clunky element fusion mechanic. It involved some complicated stuff like leveling up an element by using the attack it represents more and I thought it would be cool to design an entire character around that mechanic, but keep it simpler. So I designed Spellcutie to function similarly to Ed from Street Fighter V where instead of the standard inputs, you would only need to press certain buttons together to perform a special move. With this, I created a system not too different from Magicka (a game which I unfortunately haven't gotten around to playing yet) where you mix elements together to make new attacks.

There are six elements that Spellcutie utilizes in her attacks, Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Wind and Metal. Each of them are assigned to a button. By combining two elements together (ie pressing two buttons at once), a new spell is formed. There are a few fun features for Spellcutie involve elements interacting, such as water boosting the power of lightning moves, or metal spells being affected by magnetism to name a few. Try out all sorts of different combinations of spells and see what cool things happen! The movelist is here.

Download Link: Here

Date Created / Date Released: November 21st 2017 / January 23rd 2018

Last Updated: March 6th, 2018

Other Notes: Fun fact: I coded a part of Spellcutie while 30,000 ft in the air. No joke.

Bulk Bogan

A Character from Joel's HardTime streams. He was created for Vargskelethor's Hardcore Friday Super Metal Almost Criminally Violent Ultra Swedish Meatball Royal Rumble MASSACRE!. He's an edit I made from Mass's Hawk. The original moveset and AI is largely the same, but modified slightly to be less hyper aggressive. In addition to his original moveset, Bulk Bogan is given various items from HardTime to use as weapons, as well as his sanity mechanic that makes him go berserk when at full meter. Instead of losing control of the character while it wildy attacks, he gains increased damage and """super armor,""" as well as some proprieties in his items being changed. 

Download Link: Here

Date Created / Date Released: August 8th 2017 / December 28th 2017

Last Updated: December 28th 2017

Other Notes: Really likes "Poomping his mooskles." Original by Mass

Uncle Joel

I have been a big fan of Joel from Vinsauce for a while now. I've been watching his streams for a few years, and can proudly say I was there for when he discovered Grand Dad. After seeing his MUGEN streams, I thought it'd be cool if someone made a character based on Joel and put him in a game, but never really started on it since I didn't have enough faith in my abilities. Fast forward to July of 2017 and the desire to create him comes back. I don't remember what exactly spurred me to finally work on him again, but when I saw the sprites of Michael Roa Valdamjong from Melty Blood, I instantly thought to myself: "That's Joel!" And so, the project began.

 Uncle Joel is designed to be the main character of Vargskelethor's Hardcore Friday Super Metal Almost Criminally Violent Ultra Swedish Meatball Royal Rumble MASSACRE! While I completed this game months ago, I kept it unreleased in hope that Joel would play it on stream and that I would release it the day of the stream. However, I haven't gotten a reply regarding the game yet, so here he is. (The game can be found here)

Uncle Joel was designed to be a shotoclone that was also in his own way unique. So that way Joel could instantly pick up his controls and be comfortable with playing as him. All of his attacks are based off moments from his streams, and he has special interactions with certain characters that are frequently mentioned/shown on stream.

Download Link: Mega and MediaFire

Date Created / Date Released: July 30th, 2016 / December 28th, 2017

Last Updated: January 3rd, 2018

Other Notes: Here is a movelist. And here is one without move names in case you don't want to spoil them. ANATA NO TAME NARA DOKO MADEMO...!


Rokettotanku was a request/challenge for me to edit Dark Ruler's Rocket Tank. I was told to make a "Hyper Rocket Tank" and decided to give it some flair. I had a lot of fun with this, and learned a thing or two along the way.

Download Link: Here
Date Created: September 9th, 2017
Last Updated: September 9th, 2017
Other notes: Explodes with a full meter.

Homura Did (Interpretation) Wrong / Time Loop Madoka

Homura did [up to interpretation] wrong, and this version of Madoka is here to prove it! This was a request from a friend of mine that had an awesome idea for a mechanic for a Madoka Magica character, involving Homura's tampering of the timeline of the world to alter Madoka's power. Each timeline serves as a different power level, so she gets stronger as time goes on. Sort of like Phoenix Wright in UMvC3, but does so automatically. I've taken care to make references to the source material in both subtle and not-so subtle ways. Try to see if you can spot them! :D 

I made two different versions of this character which both have slight alterations to the time loop mechanic that affect her gameplay. Download whichever one you prefer. Or both. Or neither. Whatever floats your boat.

Homura Did (Interpretation) Wrong takes much longer to access the next timeline, but retains the timeline she's on at the start of a new round. Time Loop Madoka transitions through the timelines much faster, but resets to the weakest timeline at the end of each round.

Download Links: Homura did (Interpretation) Wrong  / Time Loop Madoka

Date Created: July 19th, 2017

Last Updated: July 19th, 2017

Other Notes: Being Meguca is suffering.

Flock of Falling Father Figures

Geese, noooooo!

This idea was brought up in the chat of SpriteClub, but nobody ever thought I'd actually go and make it into a real character. The strategy is simple. Drop Geese onto the enemy to win. If you miss, you have nobody to break your fall and you die.

Download Link: Here

Date Created: June 25th, 2017 

Last Updated: September 7th, 2019

Other Notes: The amount of Geese you can drop before losing depends on the palette number. 1p means one Geese, and 12p means 12 Geese. Geeses? Pieces of Geese?

Cease and Desist

This character actually ended up taking more than a year to make, because I kept putting it off. Cease and Desist was a request/challenge from a friend of mine that I took on without looking at how incomplete the character I used as a base for it was. But I did it. Turns out making a character based on a 10% complete Elsa was not as great of an idea as I first thought, but hey, at least now I have a reason for Disney to sue me (please don't). All things considered, I'm really happy how she turned out.

Download Link: Here

Date Created: June 24th 2017 (I actually started her in August 11th 2016)

Last Updated: June 24th 2017

Other Notes: I didn't like the movie Frozen very much, but hey, Winnie the Pooh with a baseball bat is funny right...? Right...?

Smoke Ninja Zero

This is another request I made for someone. I was requested to make an agile ninja-like version of Zero (from King of Fighters) who also sported an afro. It was a fun challenge and I'm very happy with how he came out (He's definitely more ninja-like than That Guy, that's for sure). I designed his moveset with a heavy rush-down strategy in mind, and made it so most of his moves encouraged forward momentum.

Download Link: Here

Date created: June 19th 2017

Last Updated: June 19th 2017

Other Notes: This character has nothing to do with Bob Ross, but I wanted his portrait to be Bob Ross anyway. Don't question me.


Did you know that I'm an aspiring voice actor? Well let Gweelay be my second example of my attempts to voice act (I recorded a few lines for Shotoclown, too). I wanted to give providing my own characters with voice lines a shot, and I figured I'd voice an entire character instead of just a few lines. I actually ended up having a lot of fun recording the lines for Gweelay, as well as programming him since I wanted an excuse to make my own version of Guile anyway. You get cookies if you can guess the voice that inspired the one I did for Gweelay (Not really).

Download Link: Here
Date Created: June 16th, 2017
Last Updated: July 4th, 2017
Other Notes: The Dorito Punch Count Corner does nothing.


Honestly, I have no idea what was going on in my head when I put this monstrosity together. He was so spaztic that he has never seen the light of day... Until now. Now you can blow out your eardrums as I try to create an artist's interpretation of the gameplay of Shadow: War of Succession (Spoilers: This isn't even close to source accurate).

Download Link: Here

Date Created: May 9th 2017

Last Updated: May 9th 2017

Other Notes: "Gone too far/10" - Owner of a certain MUGEN betting site

True Monando Boy

This was my first collaborative character. I worked together with the MUGEN author Barcode (Also known as IlIllII) to create his first character. This was a lot of fun to do, and it's actually quite fun working together with people to make something like this. 

Download Link: Here

Date Created: May 14th 2017

Last Updated: May 14th 2017

Other Notes: In no way related to Shalk.

Miles Edgeworth

This character isn't actually mine by design, but because the version of Miles Edgeworth (Which is essentially a spriteswap of the more commonly found Phoenix Wright by LD) is nowhere to be found, I decided to make a reproduction of him to the best of my ability, as well as fix a few game-crashing bugs. The character itself only has two attacks and doesn't have much to it, but perhaps there's evidence that suggests I'll be making a certain Turnabout Terror of my own? Only time will tell.

Download Link: Here

Date Created: May 5th 2017

Last Updated May 5th 2017

Other Notes: Unfortunately, he doesn't attack by updating autopsy reports or by not shooting you with a gun and getting framed for it.

Mister Fahrenheit

Started as a side project while I was making Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Karin, I saw this video and thought, "Damn, I could probably make a character out of it." 

...And to this day I still have trouble spelling "Fahrenheit."

Download Link: Here

Date Created: April 21st 2017

Last Updated: April 21st 2017

Other Notes:  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Karin

This character was a request, challenging me to make a mecha version of Karin. I decided to go the extra step and take the infamous Blue Eyes White Karin's sprites and make a mecha version of her from the ground up. She can hold her own in a fight against Blue Eyes White Karin, but because Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is weaker than Blue Eyes White Dragon in stats, I found it only appropriate that I made Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Karin more fair to fight against than Blue Eyes White Dragon. (Though "fair" in MUGEN is subjective anyway, so take that with a grain of salt. Besides, who actually plays MUGEN as a game these days?)

Download Link: Here

Date Created: April 20th 2017

Last Updated April 20th 2017

Other Notes: Has a special function in the 12th palette. Also she's over 350 MB. Easily my heftiest download by far. Oops.


Someone sent me a little slip of paper that dared me to make a Pepsiman that spawned other Pepsimen. So I use the cloning code I recently learned how to make and applied it to suteneko's Pepsiman and created... A mess.

Download Link: Here

Date Created: April 14th, 2017

Last Updated: April 14th, 2017

Other Notes: He is the loudest character I have by far. And that's saying something. Please be careful when using him. I would turn him down but a part of me feels like the loud noises are part of the experience. Maybe if someone else slips me a piece of paper telling me to turn him down I'll do it. Maybe.


The idea of Shotoclown came from me wanting to make a character where Rugal chucks Akuma at someone. How that idea turned into Shotoclown can be anyone's guess. He's probably one of my loudest creations, but from here I figured out what an appropriate volume is for my characters... Maybe. You can be the judge of that. He's one of my personal favorite creations, and I had a lot of fun putting him together. Sort of like Spin To and That Guy, I just put in whatever idea I think would be funny into him and see if it works.

Download Link: Here

Date Created: March 22nd 2017

Last Updated February 21st 2021

Other Notes: I have a deep-seated discontent with clowns. Has a special function on the 12th palette.

Don't Worry... These Pizzas are in Good Hands

I wouldn't want this guy delivering my pizza. 

Download Link: Here

Date Created:  February 21st 2017

Last Updated: February 21st 2017

Other Notes:  Because this character is is the fan-favorite, I'll let him speak for himself  :^) . Fights at full strength at 7th palette or higher, but where's the fun in that?

Ridiculous Necromancer Girl

Also known as RNG, Her main form of attack is a spell that summons a helper at random. Will she summon someone helpful? Or will she just bomb herself to death? She also has a skeleton grandfather who helps her out sometimes, so that's nice.

Download Link: Here

Date Created: February 8th, 2017 

Last Updated: February 8th, 2017

Other Notes: Just keep spamming the summon button and you're gravy.

How Are You?

I'm doing fine, thank you.

Long ago, I wanted to make a Marth for MUGEN, complete with his tipper mechanic, but there wasn't a decent spritesheet of him for me to use so I scrapped that idea. But I also really liked Samurai Shodown as a kid, so might as well kill two birds with one sword by making a Haohmaru with Marth's tipper mechanic. 

Download Link: Here

Date Created: January 22nd, 2142 2017

Last Updated: February 19th, 2019

Other Notes: Turns out the tipper mechanic is really OP in MUGEN. You might not want to use Palette 11 if you plan to fight against him in Arcade Mode.

The Bestest Ken in the World


Download Link: SHORYUKEN!

Date Created: November 2nd 2016

Last Updated: September 29th 2017

Other Notes: This is all you need to know about this Ken's AI. It's the bestest.

King of Games, Bitch!

I'm a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged. I'm a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! in general. You know what I'm not a fan of? The lack of quality Yu-Gi-Oh! characters in MUGEN. ...Okay, there's actually quite a few good ones out there, but I felt like making one myself. So I created King of Games, Bitch! As a tribute to Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged, since there wasn't any good Abridged Yugis out there.

Download Link: Here

Date Created: November 10th, 2016

Last Updated: January 09th, 2021

Other Notes: Has special intros or Outros with Seto Kaiba, Shiki Tohno/Nanaya, Aladdin, Various versions of Darth Vader, Perfect Cell, Goku, and a few others I forgot. Also if anyone's gonna get updated often, it's Yugi. Probably around when a new episode gets uploaded so I can add new quotes to this character.

Fattest Tony

Because I saw Fatter Tony on SaltyBet, I figured I'd have a go at making him even fatter. While Fattest implies this is his final form, this is far from it. So other MUGEN authors, if you see this, keep the chain going and make him fatter and stronger!

Download Link: Here

Date Created: September 27th 2016

Last Updated: September 27th 2016

Other Notes: Base character by HANBAHAN

That Guy

That Guy was another creation where I just "Free styled" it. I stuck on whatever idea I had on my mind at the time onto him and gave it a vague ninja theme... Sometimes. He was sort of created to be my "Spin To 2.0" but of course an entirely different character.

Download Link: Here

Date Created: August 24th, 2016

Last Updated: September 11th, 2016

Other Notes: Has no idea how ninjas actually operate.


You know that guy who spams that one special move the whole match and somehow gets away with it? Buster is the epitome of that. Almost his entire moveset is a version of Terry Bogard's Buster Wolf, and the moves that he has that aren't the Buster Wolf only do 1 damage per hit. At least he has the courtesy to ask you if you're okay before punching you in the face. Like Santos, he's got a simple control scheme.

Download Link: Here

Date Created: March 24th, 2016

Last Updated: December 25th, 2019

Other Notes: I went out of my way to find the most unflattering picture of Terry Bogard for Buster.


When I first heard "MY FIGHT MONEY!" I knew this had to be done. !Balrog is a character I made because I wanted a Balrog to fight with the gimmick of accumilating and spending Fight Money in order to empower his attacks. The result? Eh, not really close to that, but I made a silly character regardless. The important thing is that he explodes when he's KO'd, because that's what boxers do, right?

Download Link: Here

Date Created: January 11th, 2016

Last Updated: January 25th, 2016

Other Notes: I think he likes money? I don't know.


Kokodesuka / The Goenitz Experience 2015

"This is what fighting an SNK Boss is like, right? :^) "

The original version was made for SaltyBet's S-Tier, but because he was too strong for S-Tier but too weak for X-Tier, I decided there was nowhere to go but up. And thus, Kokodesuka was born. A few years later, I decided to recreate the original Kokodesuka and repackage him as The Goenitz Experience 2015. Is he suitable for S-Tier? I'll leave that for you to decide.

Download Links: Kokodesuka / The Goenitz Experience 2015

Date Created: November 24th 2015

Last Updated: February 10th 2016 (I forgot when I made the Goenitz Experience 2015)

Other Notes: ThunBeast It's a fireworks show of tornadoes! ThunBeast

naM uF gnuK

?thgir ,riaf s'tahT .sevom sih fo tsom dnal t'nac yllacisab eh ecnis egamad elpirt mih evig d'I derugif I tub ,retcarahc siht rof aedi eht tog I erehw rebmemer t'nod I .ylbanosaer taeb yllautca nac reyalp namuh a taht gnihtemos osla dna ,emit eht ta dah I tahw fo tser eht ot derapmoc kaew ylevitaler saw taht retcarahc a detnaw I dediced I nehw enim fo tcejorp edis a saw sihT .yaw gnorw eht gnicaf er'uoy ,eduD

Download Link: ereH
Date Created: November 21st 2015
Last Updated: July 10th 2020
Other Notes: ?stargnoc ,taht daer uoy fI

Stretchy Limbs

Because I wanted to give Dhalsim a bit more representation in MUGEN, I created Stretchy Limbs. I created him because I wondered what it would be like if Dhalsim had attacks with twice the range and half the frames. Turns out he can be fairly overpowered. I also replaced all his fire-based attacks with limb based attacks, because his name isn't "Mixtape Limbs." Maybe one day I'll make that, but who knows? Also I made a few new moves for him as well.

Download Link: Here

Date Created: November 20th, 2015

Last Updated: November 30th, 2015

Other Notes: Yoga is a deadly martial art, apparently.

Spin To

Originally created as a joke for SaltyBet (If he ever won a match on SaltyBet, it'd say "Spin To WIn" on the screen), Spin To has evolved into a spinning mess. This was created as my first "real" character, and at the time I thought this would be my only creation, so I stuffed as many ideas as I could into him, all while abusing Angledraw to make him spin like a madman. If you couldn't tell, he was heavily inspired by The_None's "Uppercut."

Download Link: Here

Date Created: July 30th, 2015

Last Updated: November 18th, 2015

Other Notes: Has a special function on 11th and 12th palette.


This little guy was created as a side project while I was making Spin To. Nothing really significant about him but I figured since I made him he can hang out with everyone else on this page.

Download Link: Here

Date Created: July 25th, 2015

Last Updated: July 25th, 2015

Other Notes: He's really feeling it.


My first ever MUGEN creation. A simple 4-button character (With supers assigned to the last two buttons) made to be loosely source accurate to Trio the Punch: Never Forget Me. There are no motion commands with this character, Santos instead uses simple one or two-button commands to execute his moves.

Download Link:  Here

Date Created: July 16th, 2015
Last Updated: July 16th, 2015

Other Notes: OOF